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Order Verification? Phone / Internet Fraud

Good morning

I purchased a desktop from Dell Australia online store with my credit card on Friday night. Receive order confirmation email, everything seemed fine. Then two very suspicious things happened.


The next day, I received a call from "Dell order verification department" the agent spoke poor English with a thick Indian accent. She claimed to need to verify my details to confirm I was the credit card holder.

She went on to ask if I was a student, where I worked, what my landline number was ( I do not have one nor do I know many people who) and the name of the company I work for. I told her I fail to see how any of this information relates to my order or credit card. She said if I did not provide all the details she was asking she would have to cancel my order as she could not prove I was the cardholder. It got even more ridiculous as she started asking for my husbands name and work information when I told her the previous statement. 

Are you kidding me, what does my husband has to do with verifying my purchase!!!

I told her I was going to call Dell directly as this seems extremely sketchy. She then told me that if I did not provide the details she asked the order would be cancelled unless I pay with bank transfer and provide bank payment details. 

At that point, I hung up.

I call Dell and they did inform me I would be receiving a call to verify my order. When I asked what exactly is going to be asked of me the agent could not provide an answer.

How do you verify an order if none of the questions asked had anything to do with 1. my credit card and 2. my order details????



Later yesterday evening I received an email from I did a search and a few reported this as an email scam.

I have not replied as of yet. Here is the email received: (1).png


Again I fail to see how asking for me to reply from a student email or work email, which are obviously not the email used to create or place the order is verifying the order??? 

Do people realize that not everyone is a student and that not all jobs provide you with a work email?

Notice that very odd looking Dell logo on that email signature, not inspiring credibility if you ask me.


I need to know what to do or who to contact regarding these incidents.

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Re: Order Verification? Phone / Internet Fraud


The student thing might be because you ordered a system where Dell provides discount for students you will need to prove you are actually a student or the order will be canceld .

Your username starts with "usa" but you said you ordered with Dell Australia you need to order in the country you live in however i do agree the dell logo in that email looks fischy .

I have made orders with Dell and paid by creditcard i do not get the verification thing they just charge my creditcard and that's it

I would call that number at the bottom of that email and ask to speak to that guy.

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Re: Order Verification? Phone / Internet Fraud

Thank you for your message. I apologize for the inconvenience surround your order.

If the order you have placed is under any student or office offers, you will need to confirm with your student or office email address to avail the offer. This is to curtail any fraudulent activities.

If there is an order placed without any offers you can just share your normal email address.

I have confirmed that the email you have received is from a Dell employee. I have shared the feedback on the signature part.

Feel free to reach out to us if you need any assistance, we will be glad to assist you.

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