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Order canceled and now promo card is unavailable

I recently placed an order for an LG 75" LED 4k UHD HDR Smart TV w/ AI ThinQ (75UM7570PUD) on labor day weekend. At the time there was a $250 gift card. I have an email from DellServicesnoreply@dell.com stating that the order was received and at the time the order status showed as completed, and I should be receiving the TV as of 9/11/19. I spoke to a manager Suvn, and he said that the order was canceled because I never confirmed it. The latest email I received from dell was 9/2 from DellServicesNOREPLY@dell.com and there was no additional steps needed and no "confirmation" box. Suvn said that all customers have to phone in to verbally confirm after making an online purchase or it will not process. I took the liberty of recording this part of the conversation as I believe this is not true. Suvn mentioned that I was at fault and they will not match the promo gift card. This is incorrect. It sounds like the order was canceled by mistake and now its a cover up. Customers should not have to phone in to verbally confirm online orders.
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