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Order cancelled due to verification. I am told to use wire as payment from now on.

Good day,

I am new to Dell and we are a relatively new business. I placed the order on Friday for 2 laptops thru an online salesperson. The order got cancelled several hours later, no explanation was given. I called Dell Customer Service and was told the order got cancelled due to verification issues. After 2 hours on hold, I finally spoke directly with the person who cancelled the order. According to her, the credit card had been used to purchase Dell products before and the address on file with the bank didn't match. In addition, my email address is associated with a recently created website. According to her, there are way too many red flags to release the hold from my account. I asked her to have a 3-way conference call with my bank and they would verify my account is fine. She said no and that if I want to purchase Dell products from here on out, then I can only use the wire. This is ridiculous!!! First of all, my bank said the original transaction went thru without any issues as it should have. The website is new and still under construction. Why is this a problem? If Dell is so concerned about fraud, why did they refuse to have a 3-way conference call with my bank?

I hope someone can help me with this matter.

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