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Order has been cancelled and no refund after 6 weeks

Dear Dell,

I have an order from Dell that has been cancelled at May 6th for no reason. After a whole month waiting, I am still not receive any refund to my credit card. I called varies departments for figuring out the problem.

Finally, representative from verification department told me that I should be able to receive refund no later than May 30, 2016. Right now, no refund came to my credit card and the number (1-866-383-4713) to verification department never have people picked up.

Leave voice mail for requesting a call back and mark as very important not work either. Please help!

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RE: Order has been cancelled and no refund after 6 weeks

Dear Pharmgx,

I have been researching your issue since you emailed me on Monday. As per my last email, you have been credited a partial refund as of 05/17/2016. 

If you do not see that credit on your bank card, you need to provide them the Dell credit order # I previously provided. I am still in the process of addressing the remaining credit.

I've sent a follow-up email providing additional information. Please email me if you have any additional questions or concerns,


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