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Order processing delay

Re: Order processing

I purchased an XPS13 9370 on 8-20-18.  Order was confirmed and as an "Advantage" member, I was offered free expedited shipping stating delivery to be between August 24-29, 2018.  I contacted Dell on August 25, to request a tracking number for this item.  A support request was generated with a subsequent email stating I should receive the product by the end of the day on the 27th.  No tracking number was included.  Nothing was received. 

On the next day, I received a tracking number stating FedEx had the device, that it was in Chicago and would arrive by the end of the day on the 29th.  Nothing was received and now the FedEx tracking says "pending".  I checked with Amex who verified the purchase and so Dell has its payment and I have nothing to date.  FedEx states that they have not received the product; Dell is saying FedEx hasn't scanned the product.  

I have been sitting here waiting for FedEx for three days with Dell holding the product with no clear knowledge from the call center of where it is.  I can order a 10 dollar phone case from Amazon and get guaranteed delivery on or before the date at the time of purchase.  What gives???