Order stuck in black hole

I ordered an Inspiron 1500 on 7/9, with delivery date of 7/18-7/21.  On Monday, 7/17, I contacted customer support because I could see it hadn't been shipped, although it had been marked as "Configuration Complete" for several days, so I just wanted to check on it.  I was told that the laptop is waiting in the factory for a part.  Yesterday, I asked for a firm completion date, and was told it could not be provided - no one knows.  I fail to see how the configuration is complete, when it is missing parts. 

 So, today, still no update, so I decided to cancel the order.  Now, I can't even do THAT because it is marked as configuration complete. Customer service recommendation - just let it come, and then contact them to return.  I've had experience with that approach before - you get hit with a restocking fee, and you have to pay for shipping to return, especially given Dell's transfer of title policy.

So bottom line is, cancel the order, and I should not have any charges for Dell's inability to deliver.

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