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PLEASE HELP....Trying to Buy Workstation!

I want to purchase a Dell Precision 7510 and can't believe how hard it is!  

I got to Dell through the NAR website that posted a flyer with a phone number to call for a 'Free technology consultation with an experienced small business advisor trained to recommend solutions tailored to needs, preferences and budget." and special coupons/pricing on select Dell products. As it turns out, there's no such thing as a 'free consultation' because I discovered that whichever sales person 'touches' a potential purchaser through either chat or phone seems to have a claim on their purchase and anyone the customer calls or chats with later gets nothing. I have had sales people throwing me quotes for computers I have already configured in my cart, incorrect quotes, disconnected chats (3 yesterday), disconnected phone calls, sales agents who sent quotes who dont return phone calls or return emails just to name a few of the issues.  

But the worst was the NAR coupon - I tried to apply the coupon for "Save an extra 20% off Dell Precision Workstations SAVE20%WKST " posted on the NAR website.  It was only working on some products and I couldnt figure out which ones or why.  I finally called the small business sales from the number on the flyer and got someone to help me.  I explained that the coupon was not working on all the Precision Workstations and she said not to worry, she could see the coupon on her end and she would have no problem applying it to my purchase.  We worked on a configuration but I still had some questions about the graphics card and processor before I was ready to purchase, so she said she would send me a quote and I could get back to her with any changes. I got the quote and after I finished getting my answers I called and left her a message and emailed her twice.  I NEVER heard back from her!  The next day I tried to chat, but kept getting disconnected.  I gave up and called - and halfway through the conversation, was cut off from that as well.  I called back and reached another representative.  He told me that someone else 'had me as a customer' - I figured it was the lady who never got back to me and I told him I would be happy to talk to his supervisor if he helped me and tell them that the other rep had never gotten back to me.  So, he proceeded to help me and we finalized the configuration. My last question I had was about the 20% NAR coupon...he first proceeded to tell me that he wished I had told him this at the beginning because there was 'NO WAY' I could use that on top of the current promotion (which had been in effect the day the other rep told me I could use it) and he could lose his job if he did that - and she (the last rep) would have been fired if she had tried to apply it to my purchase.  I explained that I had been told I could use it and I didn't see any restrictions on the coupon concerning which model of workstation it could be used on.  He then basically said he couldnt do anymore for me and that someone else actually 'had me' as a customer - someone overseas...not even the lady in the US that had not returned my email or phone call...I had NO IDEA who it could be because NOT ONE of the several people who sent me a quote ever returned my emails I sent with questions!!  He said he would send this up to his supervisor but I shouldn't expect to get the discount.  I sent him a copy of the NAR flyer with the information and a link to the webpage. I emailed him again today, but have not heard back.

At this point I am so frustrated - I don't know who to contact.  I am angry at this process - there is no such thing as 'help' there is only 'get out a quote so it's my customer' service.  Can anyone help me purchase the Workstation with the NAR coupon as I was told I could do????  PLEASE HELP ME! My old laptop is dying fast and I have to replace it!


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