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Past Due Notice Email - Scam??

I received an email which seems like a phishing email that says I have invoices or credit memos that are past due and pending payment.  The email is from and there is no reference to an amount due.  It just says use Dell's Web Tool at to manage your account.

I tried calling customer service but DFS couldn't tell me anything because I don't have an account with them.  So I'm just trying to figure out is this a scam, a glitch, if I do owe anything (which I don't believe I do), and what may be going on.

I can provide the email and PDF document I received for further investigation.

Here is a link to a similar issue in the past


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I received this email twice once on Feb 13 2020 and another one on March 22 2020


I never received any additional follow up and never did anything.

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I just received this email this morning and it sure feels like a scam to me.

I don't plan on doing anything except reporting it as spam

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To the best of my knowledge, I received this email twice. One on January 1 and another on February 4 2022.
But I have a vague memory of receiving this a few more time in 2021.

There is a number, but no clue to what it refers to : <Non-public info removed. TOS64>
(Customer #? Order #? Invoice #?)
And the rest is blank, no name, no account number, no amount.

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