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Pathetic customer service and user experience

This is in regards to the case raised against my DELL 11" Inch 2 in 1 machine - Dated 11/19/2016.
Case Number # 939480627

We are now into 12/27 as of today which is 1 Month and 10 Days effectively, still no one from DELL is bothered and over to that the case is now showing closed status .. RIDICULOUS

I had the issues with Touch and eventually turned out to be a hardware issue. The machine was sent for repair, due to parts backlog DELL has offered me a replacement (refurbished = which was acceptable) with some better config. The informed me once the exchange will be approved I will get a mail with the specifications and based my confirmation they will proceed with exchange. This is where all the issues started.

Issue 1: Instead of sending a mail with the spec, DELL directly sent me a replacement with different spec and faulty machine (issues with speaker)

Issue 2: The customer service is useless and all **** up. No one really knows what is happening as well sometime the call gets routed to L1 for the same line other time it goes to L2 for the same line and no one has any clue what is happening

Issue 3: There is no Point of Contact whom I can reach directly except a mail and SLA for them is 24-48 Hrs to reply and another 24-48 Hrs to take any action, no responsibility & accountability, how much I call it really doesn't matter, sharing one of the instance the same call routed to 4 people and I had to explain the issue to each of them
Issue 4: Escalation (Advanced Resolution Group) means no escalation = First of all for these guys it takes 24-48 Hrs to call, if this is an escalation then I think has to be immediate. Anyhow they called me within 24 Hrs. but instead of understanding what the case is all about I had to explain what is issue and why it has got escalated and in order to help/support they needed another 24-48 Hrs to reply back.
Also, the person from escalation team - Dell Corporate team - Mr. Surendra Raj (Dell | Advanced Resolution Group) as per him he is the top level of escalation and there is no more escalations in DELL INC. (JOKE OF THE YEAR).

If someone now can really help will be highly appreciated

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RE: Pathetic customer service and user experience

Hi adit_j,

Thank you for posting your comments on the Dell Community Forum Customer Care Board regarding the replacement of your system. Please allow me to apologize for any frustration or inconvenience this may have caused.

I was able to review your account records and as of today, we are waiting for a response from you regarding the specs requested for the exchange system. Please reply to the email providing your consent and shipping address. Please continue to work with your Advance Resolution Group case owner to help resolve your issue. He will remain your sole point of contact until your case reaches its conclusion.



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