Phone Scam call from 800-425-4026

I, too, just received a phone call from 800-425-4026, June 9, 2016 at 2:00 p.m. EST.  They almost had me.  This guy identified himself as "Mike" and said that Dell had worked on my computer a few months ago -- which was TRUE! That's what got me.  Then he said that it's time for my scheduled maintenance call, am I in front of my computer.  Okay.  Now, wait.  I have had so-called Microsoft people call and ask me that same thing.

I said that I was a court reporter working on a deposition on the computer right now (which is true) but that he could call me back tomorrow.  I said what time is it where you are.  He says 1130 p.m.  I said I would be here at 10:30 a.m. on Friday if he wanted to call again. 

Now, I am not a dolt but this guy was good.  He said he would call at whatever time is best for me.  Very courteous, as Dell usually is.  He said he would call back then.

I hung up and I said okay, been there, done that.  Googled the number.  Alrightie then!  Cannot believe I was almost duped.  I read where someone asked the guy for their service tag.  That's a great idea to weed these people out.  Too bad they have now made me be suspicious of callers from Dell.  Already been down the IRS and Microsoft SCAMMER road.  I will certainly BEWARE. 

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RE: Phone Scam call from 800-425-4026

Thank you for contacting us on the Dell Community Forum Customer Care Board regarding unsolicited calls claiming to be from Dell Tech Support. This is currently an industry-wide problem and is affecting other well-known corporations including Microsoft, Apple, and in a variation of this scheme, the IRS. We advise customers to immediately hang up and call Dell if they have any doubt that a call offering support is legitimate.

We are actively investigating these reports and that work is aided when customers contact us. We established a process enabling customers to report this type of tech support phone scam at https://marketing.dell.com/reportscams. Customers can find telephone support and web-based support options at www.dell.com/support. Additional information is available regarding Scammers posing as Dell Technical Support, and a commentary about this issue is on our updated Dell corporate blog

Thank you for your participation in our efforts to track these scammers. 


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