Placed order for laptop and my bank card was charged 5 times for a total of $7,561.00!

Ordered an Alienware Laptop over the phone with a customer care rep and my debit cards were had 5 TRANSACTIONS  $2,187.04,  $2,187.04, $1,187.04, $1,000.00, $1,000.00 adding up to the sum of $7,561.00 roughly. My order was never processed and I called my bank and they said there was a freeze on the money. Contacted DELL and they said I would get my money back. Now I am left with $84.00 in my bank account and have seven overdrafts at $35.00 that's $215.00 I lost because someone at Dell could not process my order properly. I was told they were having problems with credit card transactions the day i ordered the laptop. I just received an DELL monitor in the mail with is going back so they have pay the shipping and everyone of Dell orders is too! I was going to spend $2500.00 on a laptop and the new Alienware Area 51 R3 but now I am so disgusted  in what happened.  What horrible customer service this would not happen if I bought a Apple Mac Pro. Their error has cost me hundreds of dollars in over draft fees and they think I would ever want to spend money with them again? Stay clear of DELL PRODUCTS REASON TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!

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RE: Placed order for laptop and my bank card was charged 5 times for a total of $7,561.00!

It sounds like a glitch.  If you have the receipt which should have been mailed to you, take that to your bank and request they charge back the other amounts.  They then should reverse any NSF fees since it clearly wasn't your doing.  

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