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why has my playstion VR not been shipped yet?  Dell is an authorized dealer for sony entertainment? what is the problem? I preordered mine before the launch so there should have been no waiting on shipping because you had the preorder numbers to give to sony for all the pre-orders that were made. whats the deal with all this? why cant you provide good service like yall claim to have? so now I have 500 dollars tied up of my hard earned money with nothing to show for it? this is an outrage! I do believe the should be involved if I do not see results!  I paid for a service thereby entering into a contract with you (DELL) to provide an item. with it being pre-ordered that means on of the items on the shelf would be put on reserve to ship to me on launch day.

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RE: Playstation VR

This unfortunately has several probably reasons.  First off Dell runs their 3rd party (non Dell branded merchandise) through a 3rd party warehouse and its more then likely that the warehouse ran out or is having an issue.  2nd, its also possible that the warehouse was only allotted so many PSVR units to start with and its more then likely a first come first serve basis.  You can call customer support and ask where you might be in line or get a refund if they haven't shipped it.  

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