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Poor customer experience


I ordered a dell latitude laptop on 18th June 2016 with estimated delivery date of 3 to 5 working days.

Its now day 4 and the order status is still in 'pre-production'. I called the customer support team and spoke to 3 different people. First one stated a part was out of stock and that was holding my order up. I asked when the part would be in... he wasn't sure and emailed the factory with a request for timings... Second person I spoke to was so quiet and rude and I hung up. third person stated that he couldn't do anything due to the first person I spoke to putting in a request. I asked him when delivery would be once part sourced and he stated 7 days from shipping date on the order. This is not what was advertised when I bought the laptop, which stated 3-5 working days. NOT 7 WORKING DAYS.

I feel let down by Dell as I came to purchase a laptop from you knowing you had a decent reputation and quick delivery turnarounds. I wasn't told a reason prior to calling today as to why my order was delayed. Not one email or phone call telling me there was a delay. I have paid out nearly £400 for a product I could have bought from another supplier round the corner to where I live. I put my trust in dell and dell has let me down.

Answers would be good as to why this has happened and why I wasn't told about a delay. Some sort of compensation also due to me having to wait indefinitely for my purchase until a part is ordered at your factory.

Please could someone at Dell actually get in touch and give me a proper answer.

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RE: Poor customer experience

Hi mattlofc25,

Thanks for posting in the USA forum.

Apologies for your recent ordering experience.  Hopefully the order is in production now and being built.  If you would like me to check for you, please send your account and order information to me privately and I'll see what I can do.  Thanks.


Dell-Robert P
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