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Poor customer service

I placed an order for a new laptop on May 5th 2016 over the phone because the Dell website wasn't loading correctly. My order was taken and confirmed by an email sent later that evening, I checked my order status again on May 17th by logging into my account to find that my order had been cancelled. I called Dell and after reaching the representative was told that my order was cancelled due to the sales rep that I spoke with processing my order incorrectly. I didn't receive an  email or phone call explaining why, but rather found out by logging into my account.

After a few minutes on the phone with a representative, I was ensured that my order had been resubmitted and all would be okay. I was told to allow 5-7 business days for the laptop to be finished in production and then it would ship out. 

May 25th decided to check the order status in my account, order cancelled yet again, once again I contacted Dell and was told that the order was cancelled due to parts being unavailable but yet again was ensured that the order would be resubmitted with no issues and I would be compensated for the trouble. After some thought I decided to forget the order and cancel and try another computer company, so I called Dell and told them that I decided to cancel my order. The representative told me that the order had already been submitted and it couldn't be cancelled but rather I would need to receive the computer and then send it back to them as a return. Yet again I decided to give it another try to prevent all the issues of returning the computer if it truly was in production this time and was on its way. Once again I was offered a compensation for my troubles but was not informed of what the compensation would be.

May 26th I received an email that the order had shipped and would arrive soon, I am shipping the order to an APO so I know it may take some time.

June 12th checked tracking from email and noticed that the tracking number did not exist that were sent to me. At this point who knows what is going on but seems as no one at Dell cares. This would be my third Dell computer purchased and looks like this will be my last after this.

Barry Lawson

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RE: Poor customer service

Hi Barry,

Thank you for posting your customer experience on the Dell Community Forum Customer Care Board. Please accept my apology for any frustration or inconvenience you may have encountered while trying to place an order with Dell. 

If you have any documentation from the representatives who offered to discount your order, I would be happy to contact them on your behalf. Please reply to my email and provide the requested information including any names of representatives that offered to discount your order.

Please review the following information regarding shipping products to an APO address. 

APO/FPO addresses are commonly used by the United States government (and military) for shipping items overseas.  Orders with an APO/FPO ship to address must be tendered to the US Postal Service (USPS) in accordance with the factory shipping process. Only the USPS can deliver to an APO/FPO address. In most cases the vendor mails the packages using the postal service mailing applications. Orders shipped from the U.S. via USPS Parcel Post can take up to 8 weeks to arrive, and cannot be tracked. 

I trust this information is helpful. If you have additional APO concerns, please contact the mailbox for further assistance. For future reference, for assistance obtaining a commercial ready address, please contact your Camp/Base TMO. 


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