Poor experience with Alienware purchase - no response from Dell

I am posting the text of a letter I wrote Dell in Round Rock TX on 1/28/19.

I have yet to receive any response to my concerns.  I am interested to see if anyone read it or if anyone else has struggled with a similar experience.

*begin text*

January 28, 2020


I am writing today to share a less than favorable experience I have had recently with Dell.


On January 10, 2020 I ordered an Alienware Aurora R8 online (Dell Purchase ID XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX).  I was advised of an expected delivery date of 1/16-1/21.  The delivery date was critical in order for me to take advantage of 0% financing for 24 months through American Express.

All seemed well.  A pending charge was placed on my AMEX card for the total and I eagerly awaited delivery of the unit.

On January 14, 2020 I noticed that the pending charge had vanished.  The order, when checked online had not been confirmed.  This prompted me to contact Dell Customer Service.

I contacted Dell via the “chat” option January 15, 2020 and was directed to call customer service via telephone.  Upon reaching Customer Service I was advised that someone from Verification needed to call me back.  After waiting 4 hours for a return call, I contacted Verification directly.

Verification advised me that my order had been cancelled.  When I asked why, the rep did not know.  When I asked by whom, the rep did not know.  I was advised to place another order and was offered to be transferred to another telephone agent which I declined.  I placed a second order online.

Please keep in mind that my financing opportunity expired on January 24, 2020.

The second order was received by Dell January 15, 2020 (Dell Purchase ID xxxxxxxxxxxxx).  The expected delivery date was now 1/21-1/24.  Close but just under the wire for my AMEX offer.

Imagine my surprise when checking my Dell account later in the evening on January 15, 2020 I found my original order placed 1/10 confirmed and the new order placed 1/15 pending.  I immediately contacted Customer Service via telephone.  My original order was NOT cancelled.  The Customer Service Rep cancelled the 1/15 order.

On January 22, 2020 I checked my AMEX account for a pending charge.  No pending charge had been placed on my card.  I contacted Customer Service via telephone requesting that the charge for the unit be placed on my card ASAP.  I explained the financing opportunity with AMEX mentioned earlier.  The Rep advised me to contact my card company.  When pressed as to why, the Rep advised me that the charge would not be placed on my card (as opposed to pending charge) until the unit has shipped.

At this stage, there was still hope.  If the unit shipped by 1/24 I would be able to secure my 0% financing for 24 months.

I received a FEDEX tracking number on January 23, 2020.  My card had not yet been charged.  The package was received after FEDEX cutoff according to FEDEX’s website.

I continued to monitor my AMEX account until the 2200 cutoff 1/24/20.  The charge remained pending.  I lost my 0% financing option.  Dell processed the charge 1/15/20.  One day too late.

I received the Aurora R8 on January 27, 2020.  The original order stated that I may expect to receive it within 3-5 business days of January 10, 2020.

A major influence in my purchase decision was my ability to finance for 24 months with 0% interest and $0 service fees/charges.  This is now no longer an option to me with American Express.

I look forward to hearing from Dell regarding this matter.  Never have I struggled so much to have a company take my money.  I am hoping that I may expect some restitution against my additional carrying costs which I shall now incur as a result of the events described above.  Alternately, will you offer me the same 0% finance charges/$0 fees for 24 months through Dell financing and credit my AMEX card for the purchase?

I may be reached via telephone at xxx-xxx-xxxx or email at xxxxxxxxxxx@xxxx.xx.

I look forward to your prompt attention to this matter and your reply.