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Premium Support Plus, 30 day cooling period

I'm having a similar issue. My Premium Support Plus plan expired last November and a sales rep called me a few days later to sell me a new plan. I specifically requested that whatever new plan they give me includes accidental damage coverage. I reiterated this to the sales agent and they assured me that I was purchasing Dell Premium Support Plus which includes Accidental Damage coverage. A few weeks later I find out that they did not charge me for Premium Support Plus so I had to cancel out the service since that is not what I requested.

Sales rep calls me a few weeks later to try to sell me an extended warranty again. We go through the whole back and forth of ensuring I get premium support plus and sure enough this time they got that part right at least.

Sales rep failed to mention, nor does it state clearly on the Dell extended warranty pages/site, that there is a 30 day cooling period wherein you cannot make an Accidental Damage claim. That information is buried in the warranty documentation which is found only by clicking through multiple links on the extended warranty page on dell's site. In other words its a <profane> to find that very specific piece of information that neither of the sales reps disclosed to me.

I had to go to Facebook and complain on Dell's page there to get a reasonable solution as they were going to charge me for replacement parts on my XPS 13 when I specifically explained to the last sales agent that my laptop was in need of repair and that's why I was buying the Premium Support Plus plan. The sales agent assured me that I would be able to make a claim and get my issues fixed. At no point did they mention a "30 day cooling period".