Premium Support doesn't include Accidental Damages


I recently purchased a Dell XPS 15" laptop. I spent months researching online and configuring the laptop to the way I wanted it.  I finally pulled the trigger and financed $5,038. I know this seems a lot for a laptop, but I configured it so I can also use my work laptop at my home (just plug into my Dell dock).

I started off online; with pricing. Then I started to "Chat" with a sales rep for financing options. The sales rep recommended that he call me. So he did call. We settled in on the cost of the laptop and he started to talk about warranties.   

I remembered online, you have different prices for the duration of the contact. The sales rep recommended I purchase the "premium support plan" for the duration of my finance.  I totally agreed with this (5g investment and I want it protected)  I ASSUMED this was comparable to the AppleCare plan and that "Accidents" were covered. I felt happy with my purchase and very pleased with the Dell Sales team.

So now (3 months later), my daughter and I are uploading some pictures of her birthday for review and editing after a nice dinner. My little girl was sitting on my lap, and she accidentally hit my coffee cup and it spilled on the laptop. I immediately powered it off; and turned it upside down for 48 hours to dry out. After 48 hours, nothing.  The laptop was dead.

I didn't worry at the time, because I felt my $5g laptop was covered. I remembered purchasing the "recommended" premium support plan from the sales rep. Here is where my frustration begins.  

I called Dell Support for the XPS. I was at work, and could only spend 1 hour on hold (before I had to return to work). I then contacted someone on the sales "Chat" window and he informed I needed the "Service" number and he could not help me. I got off work, found my "Service" number on my laptop and called in.  

After 1.5 hours on hold, I got frustrated and popped into a "Chat" window again.  The sales rep was really good and started looking into my issues. He informed me I purchased the Premium Plan and "Accidents" were only covered in the "Premium Plus Plan". He also informed me a service request was initiated and someone would call me between 1-2 hours.  

Meanwhile; I still have Dell XPS customer service on my phone. After approx 1.75 hours on hold hey just hung up. Very unprofessional and I am sure this is not part of the Dell Quality manual. I am a quality Manager myself and I know this has to exist for computer giant like Dell.

So, here I am now waiting for a call that's probably not going to happen.  So I started doing some research.   The Premium Plan indicates I should have fast communication with technical experts. Less than 2 minutes stated the website. Where is this? I've been trying to contact technical support for approx 2.75 hours still no one. But when I contact sales, someone replies in 30 seconds. I know I did purchase the "Premium Support Plan" and this is a stated service online from Dell that they cannot comply to.

As for the "Premium Support Plan" Vs. "Premium Support Plus Plan".  This difference between these two services is less than $200 on a 2 year duration. I would not even hesitate/blinked an eye for the coverage at this additional cost.  With 5g financed, I wanted to be protected, and I would certainly expect accidents would be covered under the "Premium Support Plan".     

I feel the services provided in the "Premium Support Plan" vs "Premium Support Plus" was not explained to me clearly. I assumed "Premium Support Plan" would be comparable to the AppleCare plan. I am an Apple guy; but went with Dell because my work is Windows based. I didn't think there was a additional coverage; to the already additional coverage.

I'm waiting on my call. I'll let you guys know when I finally get one and the results of my situation. I have dealt with Apple for almost 10 years now and I have never had a problem with AppleCare. AppleCare is AppleCare.  there is no AppleCare plus that no-one tells you about.  

Please, if you are a new customer to Dell, read, and research all options. I feel like Dell ripped off a hard-working family man.


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Re: Premium Support doesn't include Accidental Damages

To me it sounds like you didn't contact their premium support line and instead went through frontline sales reps for support. On top of that you didnt cross your t's by checking what was all covered and you only assumed they covered everything, honestly Dell didn't do anything wrong other than having ridiculous hold times.