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Problem Over The Phone With A Customer Service Rep

Dell really needs to talk to whoever provides their overseas customer service.  After driving over to my elderly mothers house to reset her laptop for her, I sat and listened over speakerphone, to a customer service representative talk down to my elderly mother while she was discussing the purchase price of an extended warranty that I told her would be a good idea to renew.  I angrily got on the phone with him to tell him that I didn't like what I could tell that he was doing.  She may be older, but she's far from stupid and didn't deserve the borderline condescension she was getting from someone in their 20's.

This was after someone from Dell had earlier hung up on her in frustration a couple of hours before I got there to help and show her how to reset and restart her laptop when Windows acts up.

I'm not looking for an apology.  I'm just looking for Dell to do better.  The lowest bidding overseas call center contracts aren't always the best choice.  Maybe look into the second lowest overseas bidder.

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The Indian customer service is always frustrating and horrible.

I sent my Dell XPS laptop to the repair depot 10 days ago.

They still have not repaired it. 

The Indian customer service, Mohammad Johnny, told me the depot is closed 7-8 days due to Covid.

How do I get my machine repaired? I need it.



Nelson58, open a new thread and ask for a Dell employee on this board to help you.  It can't hurt and only takes a few minutes of your time.


*edit*  I see that you opened a new thread a few minutes ago.  Good luck Nelson.

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