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Recalled my order "How Many Times"???

My brother in law lives in Va. USA and I live in Tenn. USA. He ordered a computer for me online and used a credit card to pay. He gave me all the info #'s and when I was tracking my order thru Fed-Ex they said Dell had recalled the order thinking it was a fraud order! He and I both called and thought we got the matter rectified. WRONG!!They shipped another computer out from Dell and guess what? Same thing happened again. By now my bro in law is fuming! I know people are going to make mistakes but I'm sure this is not the 1st time somebody ordered a computer and had it shipped elsewhere.   Anyway, I finally got my new computer and I'm happy w/ it, but don't know if I'll order anything else just because of the headaches I went throug. First impressions go a long way in my book!!

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