Refurbished Alienware sent to wrong address


A little over two weeks ago, I sent in my alienware13r3 to have the motherboard replaced. After 10 days of fighting with Dell over the status of my laptop (which they wanted to hang on to for a month), the order was updated and showed that my laptop was being overnighted to the INCORRECT ADDRESS.

I asked what address that had on the RMA request, and they confirmed that my address was correct.

Can anyone tell me what's going on with my order, and WHY the status was update to shipped, when there's still another exchange request in?

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RE: Refurbished Alienware sent to wrong address

Greetings Daniel,

Thanks for reaching out.I regret the overall experience. 

We have a dedicated Alienware team on Dell community forum to whom you could reach out to for faster resolution. Please click on the link shared here http://dell.to/2uKmOLH

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