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Repair center

My computer fell out of a tray at an airport. I have insurance on it so I sent it into the repair center after receiving the shipping box and instructions. It came back but shortly after working with it,it shutdown and wouldn't restart. After several phone calls it was shipped back to Dell then back to me with a new operating system. But,the charger and cable was missing! I called them but since it was the weekend I couldn't get a new one shipped to me. I called Dell and was told one would be shipped overnight to me but....there has been scattered and somewhat confusing information as to the status of the shipment. No one seems to have the exact status on that and behold,after a few angered emails from me,I finally get an email giving me tracking information on the part! It is truly amazing that in this day and age of technology and advancement,that basic information such as this can't be handled in an expeditious way! A case of one hand not knowing what the other is doing. Dell got a half star for this,but the issue isn't settled until the party comes in and of course if it's the right one! Then....if the computer does indeed perform as expected......


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