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Retail Purchase and getting Tech Support/Warranty?!?

So here is the deal, we purchase a large amount of Del equipment from local retailers to not have to deal with shipping etc in some circumstances. (50-100 k a year) In the past two weeks I have had problems with three different pieces of equipment and getting support on them. Here is the deal the registered name doesn't match what dell has on file. I sent someone to get the receipt from Fry's today, but I am getting no where!

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RE: Retail Purchase and getting Tech Support/Warranty?!?

Hi GreereyD,

Thanks for posting!

Purchases from resellers are covered by the reseller for the first year.  Information can be found here.

Additionally, according to your post you appear to be operating as a reseller yourself, and you could benefit from joining our Partner Program including special pricing, dedicated teams, and a variety of service and payment options.

Hope this helps.


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