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Retail XPS purchase, Warranty Confusion

I bought a Dell XPS from a retail outlet in Jaipur on 5/14/2012. According to Dell, I should get a warranty of 1 year starting from the date of purchase. But when I checked the warranty status online,it showed that my warranty has already expired on 1/16/2013. I tried contacting Dell support regarding the issue but they were quite unresponsive and after many calls finally told me to contact the retailer. I  contacted the retailer about 2 months ago but he is still stalling me. I had some technical issues (over-heating,low battery backup,incompatible power source pop-up on charging) with the laptop,which I complained to the retailer.He took the laptop to Dell service center and the windows was re-installed without my permission. Much of the data on drives other than C was also missing. Moreover, the issues are still unresolved.

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Re: Retail XPS purchase, Warranty Confusion

Hi Ashish2010,

Kindly provide to me the system service tag number via a private message. I can then check the system details and reply back to you.

To send me a private message, click on my Forum username and then click Start conversation.

Thanks and Regards
Harish M

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