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Return procedure not provided.

I am in the process of returning my M14x R2 for a full refund, and while this had been confirmed to me on the phone some weeks ago, I have not yet gotten any email about how the process actually works. I live in Manchester UK, if that is useful.

On friday I received 8 empty boxes from a shipping company named DPD. 8 boxes for one laptop? I don't know. On all the boxes there are like the same shipping slip, which does not seem to be a two-way one, only one to get the boxes to ship to me. Shouldn't I be getting a packing slip to be able to send the laptop back as well? I'm clueless.

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Re: Return procedure not provided.


I would request you to provide me the Service Tag or the Express Service code of the system in a private message and let me check what the best I can do for you.

You can also refer to the below mentioned link for further help:

Please reply if you have any further questions. 

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Prateek K

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