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Rude workers in store! (China)

HORRIBLE!!! I came into a store in Chengdu, China during my visit there and to summarize it: Workers playing on the PC’s and not allowing us to test the computers by playing the installed games!

So.... I sat in front of one of the computers and started steam. There was already an account logged in, that was named after the store name and location, so no private account. There were two games ibstalled and I opened one game. Immediately after I opened the game and wanted to start to play it a worker that sat infront of another computer playing LOL, he told me in a very rude and loud tone (in chinese), that I am not allowed to play games. (I understand and can speak chinese.)

So I went out of the store, that was located in a shopping mall and probably got me as the first visitor of the Alienware store today. So after around 5 minutes I came into the store and asked the worker that was still sitting infront of that computer playing LOL, why I’m not allowed to play any games on the computer. He didn’t understand me so he stood up, looked at me and called another worker. He then sat down and continued to play LOL. (how rude) When the other worker came I asked him the same question, he kinda understood it and said of course you can play the games on the computers. He then showed me a chinese website where some stuff was written. I only understood ID and steam on it. So what I understood was that you can play the games but you need to use your steam account to play them. But because there was already a steam account logged on on that Pc, I told him that there is already a steam account logged in on that Pc. Finally he said that I can go and play.

So... the one worker that was able to speak a bit of english was able to answer my question in a normal way. BUT the other worker, that was playing LOL for the whole time I was there and didn’t react in a proper way to my questions, played LOL during his work time and talked (more shouted) to me in a very rude way. 

Please contact your office in China and reschool your workers in the stores (and teach them a bit english...)  

Sorry, but what I experienced today was a horrible and rude customer service that wants me to never ever visit an Alienware store again...

(The store is located in the “in99” mall in Chengdu) 

I posted this post, with little differences on another forum...

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