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S2417DG, latest revision, color banding, #8

I am having this same issue with color banding. I have tried a color profile provided by Dell and the settings but no help at all. It still has traces of color banding. I have even sent multiple photos and even have a Service Request number. Talked to technical support and still keep getting the runaround. I keep getting I need 24 hours. I am so fed up with Dell at this point. Everything is under warranty. They are trying to find out about my replacement but every day they say, I need 24 hours to talk to my manager. They don't have this monitor is stock and that is what the issue is. I bought this monitor because it had a 1440p 165Hz G-Sync panel. I just want a monitor that works as advertised.  At this point it is going on 3 days and I still haven't herd anything except I need 24 more hours. I work in IT and I know it doesn't take 3 days to talk to a manager. What would you recommend I do?