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Secrets or Deceptions?

After searching and searching the web, the Dell site and this forum, I received one reply to my question of HOW MUCH IS THE DELL BACKUP AND RECOVERY PREMIUM offer. I am a Dell customer. Is it so difficult to offer pricing options for everyone who has or may wish to purchase Dell products? I am still within the timeframe to return this product for a full refund, so please answer the question, as it is obvious my question has been asked by multiple people. Multiple Dell customers. I do not wish to be impertinent, however; if pricing details are not going to be returned in a reply....please do not reply. A highly dissatisfied customer.
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RE: Secrets or Deceptions?

We are Forum Liaisons, not sales representatives. Like you, we check the website for pricing. If the price is not available on a Dell website, you must call into Dell Sales and ask. I did find this page and at the bottom it states,

Purchasing Dell Backup and Recovery Premium or Cloud Storage
From the Home screen of the Dell Backup and Recovery Application, click the appropriate upgrade link to guide you through the benefits and purchase process.

This shows us that you must have the basic version installed, and upgrade it from within the software.

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