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Shipping issues

As an observation, your company has a severe lack of transparency when it comes to shipping and unexpected or expected delays. There is a good reason why you're only the third largest computer manufacturer and it is because of this. I have a business trip on April 10th, I ordered a laptop, for said trip. When placing my order it stated 6-8 business days for shipping. This order was placed on March 15th, with an expected delivery of April 4th. Upon asking about the discrepancy, they stated it has an expected shipping date of March 26th... now being March 27th, the order was miraculously moved to an expected delivery of April 15th.... a MONTH after my order was placed. With the excuse being parts shortage. Now I am forced to purchase another laptop for my business. Time is an important resource for your potential and future clients and the lack of transparency means that your company can't be trusted to be honest. 

You should be aware of any "parts shortages" and be able to update your website accordingly. Knowing my laptop wouldn't be in my possession until a month after my order, I would've chosen another manufacturer, like Lenovo or Hewlett Packard. Who on their website show EXACTLY what parts and modifications will impact expected shipping. 

Likely the package will be refused, as I won't be available to receive it.  This is wholly disappointing, as I used to be a diehard supporter of Dell's products, owning 2 dell inspiron desktops that each lasted well over 7 years each. This is an oversight that will continue to allow other companies to take market share over dell, which is really quite sad as dell is the superior brand over your competitors. 

If anything can be done to rectify this issue please respond.  As I do understand that delays do occur, but something should be done by the company to make up for this kind of misleading marketing and purchase information. I couldn't make a modification to my order, yet you can? Not a great way to start a business relationship with your clients.