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Shipping my computer to wrong address then back to Houston. Very poor service.

My Dell laptop computer was my lifeline here in NYC during this terrible time.

Unfortunately, the hard drive on my laptop became defective on March 31st, 2020. Tech support sent the return dispatch box to me at the wrong address, but the FedEx driver telephoned me, I told him the correct address, and I received it. I returned the computer, and sent Dell technical support an email on March 31, 2020 telling them that the address was wrong. There was a delay to receive parts. The parts were received on 4/8/20. It was repaired the same day. It was returned on 4/8 and supposed to be delivered FedEx on 4/9. FedEx did not attempt delivery on 4/9 for some unknown reason. It sat in their warehouse in Jamaica, Queens, NY until 4/10/20 (Friday).

On Friday, FedEx would not deliver because the address was incorrect and I was told only Dell could change it. I called Mr. Sharma at 430pm EST Friday to ask him to contact FedEx customer service immediately so I could have the computer the next day. He insisted my address was 8042 230 Street (a nonexistent address), and refused to contact FedEx, as did his supervisor, Mr. Haresh. Instead Mr Sharma and Mr. Haresh sent my computer back to Dell in Houston. Mr. Burroughs then emailed me, and said he was shipping my computer back (no apology nothing for the aggravation). I think at least an apology was due. I enclose his emails to me.

This was extremely aggravating. I understand that mistakes occur, but sending the machine to Houston so I had to wait another week is beyond the pale. This is not the first time I have had terrible customer support from these types of persons. This type of technical support mitigates against further purchases from Dell.

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