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Support Request Number : Has the after sales service by Dell has gotten this low (?)

Hello there, "If you cannot provide after sales support to an end user after repeated attempts, it would be helpful if you do not consider the end user to be a fool and **bleep**.." Since 3rd May 2019 to 20th June 2019, yes you read it right that's how long I've waited patiently and cooperated with you people but the way I've been treated is just hilarious. Four services were created and at the end of every service I was sent out an apology and assured of resolution in the next service. Then finally on 27th of May after the end of fourth service and still no resolution the representative who was handling the case right from the very beginning Mr.Vikash Rawat said " You've been patiently waiting long enough but still due to some unforeseen circumstances we're unable to resolve the issue and we're escalating the case so that it'll be looked after in priority and an alternate resolutions such as system replacement will be provided and necessary immediate actions will be taken .." . And he was the one who was handling the case as professionally as possible and the moment he transferred the case and so called Rajiv Kumar took over the same and gave me a call it changed everything the way he spoke was as if he was doing a favour to me. I'm not an **bleep** here to be clear. On 4th he said we've created a service and unfortunately all these time the issue didn't get resolved but this te it'll be. Honestly a customer has the right to be **bleep** of because he's out of a working unit since more than 4 weeks but it's your responsibility to handle the customer with professionalism and understanding way you just cannot simply talk to a customer as if you're doing a favour by providing support. Then this time a senior engineer came to fix the issue with parts and he failed to resolve the same and since then so called Rajiv Kumar has not communicated I don't know what's his problem here.. So I get an email (the same copy paste) with "We couldn't get in touch with you in the first attempt" and then again the same email the next day "second attempt" . You've got both my numbers right from the beginning until Rajiv Kumar was handed the case every representative was giving a call and getting in touch without any problem and to him I'm just unreachable? Once it's okay twice still it's okay but repeatedly ? Whenever I call the Tech Support queue they say your case is being handled by the senior team and we cannot do anything neither can we transfer your call all we can do is send the team an email to get in touch. So I call Tech Support queue and then they send across a reminder to Rajiv Kumar and then he sends me another copy paste email. "No calls nothing" ..! Is this how low your support level has gone to (?) You people ruined a working unit with repeated services in a span of 7 weeks. I raised a concern for touchpad and keyboard issue from that to the display touch issue, hard drive failure and now after the last service abruptly turning off in addition to the issues reported. I don't know whether I'll be getting a resolution or not and to be honest here maybe I was wrong to be cooperative with you people and patiently waiting all these days ... <Non-public info removed>

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