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TV Purchase Nightmare

I'm posting here because I've just run out of options for contacting any responsive human at Dell, and perhaps if nothing else, someone will read this and address some of these issue.  I'll try to do the short version ...

I wanted to buy a TV from Dell last Thursday because they had the best Labor Day deal I had seen.  I went to the website and couldn't place my order - I got some error message when I went to check out.  So I connected to the Sales chat desk, where the agent offered to take my order that way.  It all seemed to go smoothly and I gave him all the correct information regarding delivery etc - I know because I have the transcript.  However when I got the email confirmation a few minutes later, the TV was scheduled to be delivered to my 85-year-old mother across town.  I have no idea how this info got into the order.  I bought this over the chat sales, I never mentioned her name, or logged into my account or told the agent I had an account.  In fact he created a new customer number for me.  And if I had given him my account number, he would have seen that I hadn't bought a computer from Dell for her in about 10 years!

So I went back onto the Chat sales line but was told they couldn't help me with an existing (ten minute old) order.  So I went in and out of the customer service chat site for the rest of the day and it said the wait for an agent was 1 hour 40 minutes to over three hours! In the meantime, the TV was shipped.  I finally got through and was told the systems were down and I should try again in 3-4 hours.  When I tried again I was told to try tomorrow. So that's my chat experience.

After my first Chat effort, I tried to contact customer service by email and was assured by the system that I would hear back within a day - that was Thursday. It's now Tuesday and it's nothing but crickets.

I tried calling, and was told it would be about 15 minutes - all to fix an error Dell made. I waited 25 minutes and gave up.

I filled out the form to correct an order error - by the way, when there is a link from the order summary to fill out a report, and then that report need info from the order that doesn't auto fill and you need to actually go back, write down the order number, and then go back and fill it it .... well, you're a tech company aren't you??

So i then went to Facebook and posted what a difficult time I was having.  Since it is a public forum I actually get a response there.  Their first suggestion was to contact customer care! The folks with a three hour wait!  So I asked them to cancel the order but they can't  because the TV has shipped!  And the back and forth with the Facebook team is that my 85 year old mother should wait around and either refuse the delivery or take it and they will then schedule to pick it up another time.

So we are almost at the end.  I decided to just take the TV and then move it across town myself  - Dell White Glove Service - it seemed the fastest way to end this ordeal.  The TV was supposed to come today - the delivery service was supposed to call to arrange delivery.  Online is says they left a message, but there is no message on the machine.  I called them and they are coming tomorrow afternoon. So my mother will be waiting around another day.  Then all I will have to do is borrow a truck from a friend to pick up the 65" TV and move it across town.

Just unbelievable.  

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RE: TV Purchase Nightmare

Hi absame, 

Thank you for posting your comments and bringing your experience to my attention. Please accept my sincere apologies for any difficulties you may have encountered during your interactions with Dell up to this point. Dell always aims to provide a pleasant purchase experience. 

Dell offers third party products on our website as a convenience for our customers. Dell does not manufacture or stock these items. Once you place an order, it goes directly to the distributor for fulfillment. There is usually a very narrow window in which to cancel or change an order, generally the amount of time it takes to verify your credit information. Since shipping is determined at the time the order is placed, it is normally not possible to change the destination. 

If  you still need assistance, I am happy to look into this matter on your behalf. Please reply to my email and provide the requested information so I may access your account records.


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