Tech support scams appear to involve Dell support as well.

I extended my warrantey a few weeks ago or at least I thought I had.  This is what my service tag info says "Onsite Service After Remote Diagnosis (Consumer Customer)/ Next Business Day Onsite After Remote Diagnosis (Commercial Customer)" thru 2020.

Today I got an email from "M" at Dell who said my warrantee had expired and I needed to renew it.  I emailed M back and asked him to check as I thought I had properly filled out the form in December.  He called back and said I needed the premium service and would refund what I had paid for the basic service which only covered disk failure..  I told him all I wanted covered was the hardware such as the motherboard.  I didn't care about the disk, nor the video boards, nor online support but a renewal of the antivirus would be a plus.

He specifically stated that all the basic warranty covered was disk failure, that the premium service would cover the motherboard and was $220 a year but if I bought from him right now as we were talking, I could get 4 years for $600 instead of $880.  While M's English was not his primary language, it was clear to me that he understood he was telling me the basic hardware warranty did not cover the motherboard.

I also looked up the service contact for consumers (me) for the basic hardware service which can be found here

There are a lot of thing excluded such as pouring coffee down the air intake, etc.  I did not see where the motherboard was excluded form the hardware basic service contract.

I signed up to the $99  basic hardware warrenty which coveres me till 2020.  I assume it covers the motherboard and not just the hard drive.  Can anyone shed some light on this?



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