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Terrible Customer Care/ Cancelled Orders without notice

I placed orders in December for 3 laptops, (e7440’s). I am attaching confirmations of the orders, and emails. I received one email telling me that one laptop was delayed and an email asking if I wanted to wait for the order, which I said yes. I didn’t receive any other emails, but I kept checking the order status. First, they were to be here by the end of December, then it got changed 3 times to different dates in January, then finally it said February 1st. Last Friday, January 29th, I went online to check the status and it said that all 3 orders had been cancelled. I spent over 3 hours and approximately 10 people before I received someone that understood what had happened and said he could help me. His name was Michael, (not sure of last name,have a direct phone number.

He said that you no longer have the computers that he would have to reissue the orders and it would be the E7540 at the same price I was quoted on the others.

I called him back on Friday and he said he was just waiting for the manager, but it wouldn’t be a problem.

He said I wasn’t the only one this had happened to and it wouldn’t be a problem, but he would have to get the regional manager to sign off on it because of the discounts that would have to be applied.

I have been leaving message after message for him today and no response. My boss is really getting upset and I need to order another laptop besides what I should already have. At this point I’m tempted to go to our IT department and tell them we are no longer going to use Dell computers.

This is the worst customer service I have ever received from you.

I need this matter taken care of. You shouldn’t sell products if you don’t have them in stock, we don’t.

I even emailed sales yesterday with the above email and have left Michael another message this morning. While digging through everything, I did find the reply to the first email, and it said the factory was waiting on a part. I guess I'm going to have to call again and continue to get the run around.

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