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Terrible customer Care

Never buying anything from Dell ever again!

I have been waiting for a representative for almost 10 minutes.

prior that, I was transferred non stop. I kept paying money, kept topping up my account online to deal with over 1 hour of international calls. we don't have deals and plans here. you have to pay like 20 dollars a minute to talk internationally here.

I got transferred so much that I ended up sitting through 7 telephone commercials just to be kept on a loop of a number being repeated claiming to be the new number. I eventually hung up and called the number, just to find out it is a number to direct TV.

eventually without realizing, I ran out of money and thus after an hour and almost 40 minutes worth of calls, got disconnected for good, with still no help. Laptop still having problems and all, only thing changed, was that I grew a deep despise and hatred for Dell, and I really am sure I will no longer be recommending dell to anyone and will try my hardest to convince the 8 people I recommended to buy their Dell computers to switch from Dell as soon as possible because, this, today showed the disrespect that Dell has for their customers, and proved they don't care about us.

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RE: Terrible customer Care

Thank you for your message.

We strive to provide a great customer experience for all of our customers. I regret we missed the mark in your case.

Let me assure that our customers are and will always remain our priority. We hope that we get a chance to turn around your experience with us.

Please click on my Dell username & send a private message with the service tag, registered name, a brief on the issue & your email address.

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Re: Terrible customer Care

tried to buy a dell laptop and my card gets declined so i get tossed around to 3 people in an hour and my price suddenly goes up as of the last person. then she transfers me back to square one. 

Told her i had a 2nd card i could use but then the price changed...

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