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Terrible customer service from Dell Sweden

I am going to share a good example of shameful technical support from Dell Sweden. Rather than getting support, I wasted plenty of time over the phone and almost a month of my time during which I could not use my faulty Dell XPS 13 - which is also my primary machine for work and studies.

Here is a brief overview of how Dell Sweden mismanaged my case (number: <private data removed> ):

-contacted DELL Sweden technical support around the 17th march due to technical failure of my 1.5 yr Dell XPS 13 - my primary machine for work and studies. Was told from Freddy that I could get free support in Sweden (where I currently live) as long as I applied for a service tag transfer since the product was purchased on Dell Italy website. After all, in my opinion, statuary rights within the EU state that all European citizens have the right to apply for a 2-yr warranty on all electronics throughout Europe!

-After requesting the Tag transfer and waiting around 10 working days, I re-contacted Dell Sweden on the 3rd April. Spoke to Steffan, who confirmed that the tag transfer was fulfilled and that he would work on my case soon and send me an email ASAP with the shipping labels for a free-of-charge support in Sweden.

-After a day of not receiving the shipping labels, I contacted Dell Sweden once again (4th April). Maybe Steffan had forgotten about my case? Or he didn't want to take responsibility? Spoke to Amanda, who said Steffan had forgotten and that she would handle the case for me. For the 3rd time in a row, she confirmed that I had the right to apply for a free replacement with Dell Sweden and that I would soon receive an email with instructions on how to ship my computer to the workshop.

-On the 5th april, almost 20 days after my very first contact with Dell Sweden and after having talked to 3 different employees who all confirmed that I could apply for free support, I get another call from Amanda - stating that I do not have the right to apply for free support in Sweden. 
Her argumentation: Swedish law overrides EU statuary rights. When asked to produce documentation (e.g. internal policy documents, written laws etc) or even to talk to her manager - I hit a wall of "NO"s. 
Not only did I have to accept that my statuary rights as a EU citizen living in a EU country were being disrespected, but I also had to do so with a simple oral (and unclear) explanation - no written documentation, no further explanations, no contact with a higher-up manager.
All I got instead was silly suggestions such as: "pay for the SSD replacement yourself" (over 2500 SEK-250 $! On a product which should be covered by warranty! Unacceptable!).

I found this attitude completely disrespectful - not only Dell Sweden is not respecting my EU statuary rights without providing any explanation, but they are also "shutting down" on an unhappy customer which received an extremely poor service and wasted several hours on the phone (and spent 20 days without his primary computer for work!) while receiving wrong information!

I expected to at least have a chance to talk to someone at Dell to express my deep disappointment with how their technical support abused of MY time by performing a long chain of mistakes and telling lies to a customer - but I hit a wall AGAIN. Amanda was not going to let me talk to anyone within the company, nor accept the fact that -given the amount of mistakes performed- I should at least get the chance to complain about the situation with her manager.

The feeling I got throughout the entire process was a complete lack of respect towards the customer's time, statuary rights and feelings. This is exactly how you make a customer unhappy. This whole situation feels like a joke, I would like whoever works within customer relationships at Dell to take a look at the recordings of my phone calls to hear for themselves.

STATUS UPDATE: I now ended up in a loophole with Dell Italy (where I purchased my laptop) - they say they will provide free support but it has been over 10 days since I first contacted them (we have been in contact almost daily) and I still have not managed to ship my computer - OVER A MONTH AFTER THE TECHNICAL ISSUE FIRST AROSE!

Dell used to be well known for its customer support - I'm sorry to say all I got was a huge waste of time! I will not recommend your products in the future.

Gabriele De Mattia

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