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Transfer after transfer and I still didn't get anywhere

I wish I had kept track off all the times I was transferred and the names of the people I spoke to.  I guess it had to be at least 20 times.  I bought a laptop using the employee purchase program. When I called into Dell, I was asked if the computer was for personal use or business.  If I selected either option, I still needed to be transferred to the   department that handles EPP.  Then the technical people would transfer me to customer service and the customer service people would transfers me to the tech service people.  All of this because I had laptop that I opened on Thursday and was unable to go beyond the start/Dell logo screen on Friday morning.  I spent a long period of time with the technical people doing diagnostics, but there was no record of this.  All I wanted to do was to exchange my useless laptop for a new one that works. "you can't do that" says customer service.  I need to transfer you to tech service and have them run diagnostics again.  Did that before and it took over an hour.   I wasn't going to that again.  I want to return the computer.  I was transferred again to the wrong department.  I needed to be transferred to the department that handles EPP.  I talked to the person and he says the information to return the computer would be email to me.   so I ask to speak to a person that I could talk to about my experience with the call centers. I was transferred to the wrong person who transferred me to someone who handles EPP.  He say he could make "a note of the problem".   This person was obviously not empowered to do anything. CLICK.   I didn't want to be transferred again.


The end result.  No sale for Dell once I get the laptop returned  I am extremely frustrated and unpleased that I have to go laptop shopping again.  It would have been great if Dell had exchanged my laptop.


The above is a short highlight off all the hours I spent working on this problem.


By the way can you please change the hold information/music?. It was too monotonous when you are holding for 20 minutes.  Also can you train your call center people so that they don't dial numbers while still connected to the customer?    I had several people dialing in my ear.                              

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Re: Transfer after transfer and I still didn't get anywhere

Hi 7eight9,

Thank you for posting your comments and bringing your customer experience to our attention. Allow me to sincerely apologize for any difficulties you may have encountered in attempting to resolve your concerns.  Dell strives to provide an efficient, first-time resolution for every call.  While I realize that only our future interactions can restore your confidence in us completely, I want to assure you that Dell always aims to provide customers with a satisfying and enjoyable purchase experience.

If you are still needing assistance I am able to assist with US orders. I am happy to set up the system exchange for you. If you prefer to return the system for credit, I am able to assist with the Credit return authorization (CRA). Please let me know how you would like to proceed.

Please provide the following customer account information via private message (click my user name and then click Start Conversation). 

Email Address:
Shipping Address:
Phone Number:
Order Number:
Service Tag #:
Country of purchase:
Current country location:

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