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Two month shipping delay!

Our University orders Dell products exclusively.  I put in a quote for 4 Dell desktops, the OptiPlex 7060 Small Form Factor XCTO,

The school placed the order on 1/18/2019 via purchase order.  Usually, the CPUs arrive in two weeks.  But imagine my surprise when the order said that delivery won't be until 3/25/2019!  

Our school rep contacted Dell, and found that some part was missing and that the delay was accurate.

We have faculty members that won't have a computer for two months!  This is absolutely unacceptable.  Now, the monitors, sound bars and wireless keyboard that I ordered arrived in just a matter of days.  And the laptop I also ordered arrived in just about 2 weeks.  But waiting 2 months for 4 desktops is ridiculous! 

I hope that Dell doesn't think that this is good customer service!

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