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U2718Q, UK, exchange not until April

First post here, and I am not a happy community member.

Bought a new Dell U2718Q from Dell online in the UK, along with a refurb Dell XPS 8930. Great combo for running Adobe Lightroom, great monitor.  After a week of use, monitor dies. Stone dead. Do all the troubleshooting, it just won't self-test. Black screen. It's extinct.

Oh well, I think, it is new, I only just got it, it is under a three warranty, and the sales promise is next day business day replacement.  Dell Technical Support agree it needs to be replaced. But... that was a week ago and right now they cannot even tell me when they might be able to tell me when a replacement monitor will be shipped, let alone ship one. Sales site says stock won't be available until late April.  They won't agree to ship an alternative 4K larger monitor that they do have in stock. Keep me off with we will update you tomorrow, and then it is Groundhog Day.

This monitor has a good spec., it look amazing, but if it dies and then Dell can't replace it, as table decoration it leaves a lot to be desired.  What alternative monitors do people suggest I consider?