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U3818DW, screen flickering, no scratch, warranty denied

Hello Colleagues,

I have been a fan of Dell products with U3818DW my 2nd Dell monitor and overall 3rd Dell product in the last 3 years.

However, only after having used the U3818DW for 6 months, it developed a flicker where the U3818DW flickers between a blurred screen and a standard screen while being connected only to power. Same behaviour continues when the U3818DW is connected to a laptop. 

Clearly the issue lies with the U3818DW. I reported the issue to Dell support and to my utter surprise, just by looking at pictures that I sent over an email, Dell support cited this as physical damage and denied warranty. There is not a single scratch or crack on the screen and despite that Dell support is claiming this as physical damage. They also acknowledged over the call that there is no external crack, however, in the email to close the case, mentioned an external crack as the reason for denial of warranty. This is completely false and contrary to what we discussed in the call. I am completely disappointed.

Posting to this community in the hope that Dell listens to its customers.

Best Regards,