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USA to India, warranty challenges and how to escalate issue


i bought a Laptop with Service tag -- <private data>. When i bought laptop in USA and right now I am using it India. Before I bought laptop, i had chat with dell agent about warranty coverage ... Here is excerpts of the chat.

05/06/2014 11:47:44AM    m: "hi"
05/06/2014 11:48:03AM    Agent (Jhomel): "Welcome to Dell US Chat! My name is Jhomel and I will be your Home Sales Chat Expert. I can be reached at. How can I help you today?"
05/06/2014 11:48:06AM    Agent (Jhomel): "Hello M!"
05/06/2014 11:48:10AM    Agent (Jhomel): "Glad to have you in our chat line today! Hope you are doing great! (“,)"
05/06/2014 11:48:13AM    m: "if I buy this laptop and take it to india ...if I get any issues how do you help?"
05/06/2014 11:48:31AM    m: "what is the warranty given by dell?"
05/06/2014 11:48:45AM    Agent (Jhomel): "You may contact the Dell India Technical Support Team at 1800-425-0088 (Toll Free) 080-2510-7901 (LandLine) Hours: (Sun to Sat: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.) or you can also try this number 1800-425-2073 opens 24/7 or via this link
05/06/2014 11:49:20AM    m: "do dell give any warranty?"
05/06/2014 11:49:27AM    Agent (Jhomel): "Our waranty covers International warranty as well M"
05/06/2014 11:49:36AM    m: "how many years and what do they support?"
05/06/2014 11:50:01AM    m: "do I have to buy the warranty or I get it by default?"
05/06/2014 11:50:31AM    Agent (Jhomel): "1 year by default and up to 4 years. its the Limited hardware warranty"

Based on this confirmation, I bought laptop. Laptop i received has manufacturing issues. Monitor was always swinging when placed under fan. We did not realized it was manufacturing issue. About two months the hinge connecting monitor to rest body got tore away. When I contacted Support folks with respect to warranty and explained issue. Support person has indicated that part will be replaced. Technician home visit is not covered under warranty. So I need to take it to nearest service centre. Before taking service centre, Support person also communicated that i need get warranty transferred to India. Support person took request for transferring the warranty. After receiving mail from Dell, I took my laptop Service centre. Based on the conversation, I had what i understood. Since laptop was bought in US, Warranty is not supported in India. If parts have be replaced under warranty, I have taken it to Service centre location in CTS, California. Otherwise I have bear cost of repairs. When I referred by conversations, Person in service centre has communicate that today being Saturday the support help desk will not be working. Pl. go back and call help desk on Monday and get me reference number for the conversation. Subsequently I called Dell help desk. That was most painful conversation. First person does not listen to understand what my problem was. He kept on interrupting and rambling to point of being rude. Several times just retorting why does I need reference or case number for the conversation. When I have pointed he is being rude and then asked him why Service centre person asking case / reference number for taking up warranty claim – Then related. What he communicated is that I should ask service engineer visit, who would visit home and replace parts under warranty. Based that conversation I have paid for visit. Then day before yesterday I had received call for service engineer. He asked me to explain the problem. When I did, he has indicated that I need pay for all parts that needs to be replaced. He indicated that he will send quotation for which I need to pay. When I referred to my earlier conversation, he said that he needs to have conversation with teams and get back to me. Now my question –

Who correct person to escalate this issue and get it this issue resolved. It has been approx. a month since issues is going on.

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RE: USA to India, warranty challenges and how to escalate issue

Hi Muni sssv,

Thanks for your post on the USA Dell Care board.

First, I'd like to point out that this is the USA Customer board, so there are limits to what information we can see in our systems.  You would need to speak to Care in your country for resolution. 

That being said; per the terms of purchase, computers purchased in the USA can not be exported to other countries, so for starters, the terms of the sale have been violated.  Next, the international warranty the agent spoke of can be used in other countries only if the parts or systems are sold there.  For example, if the parts are not available in your country to fix the computer, then it would have to come back to the country of purchase for the repairs; this would be at the purchasers expense.

And, finally, hinges are not covered under warranty, they are considered normal wear and tear parts since the cover is opened and closed numerous times.  So, basically even if the warranty hadn't been violated, the hinges are not covered by warranty.

Hope this answers your questions.  If you need further assistance, please contact Tech Support in your country.  Thanks.


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