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Unbelievably poor customer service

Been on hold for over 1 hour. This is the second time and now it appears that it is costing me a bunch of money.

I ordered a Christmas gift for my mother on November 28th. I was told by the representative that I would have a 30 day return policy. I told her to cancel it because I wouldn't be giving it to her until Christmas. She then explained that it would be 30 days from Christmas as it was a present. I said ok and ordered it. It arrives and is wrapped up and given at Christmas, she loved it but still can not understand windows 8. I decided to return it after trying to get her to work with windows 8. I tried returning it through the website and it said I couldn't and to call customer service at the number. I was on hold for about 45 minutes only for the person to tell me that they would transfer me to return department. Then a recording said that it was closed.

Today I tried again to do it online to no avail. It again directed me to a customer service number. Called again and waited another 30 minutes before talking to anyone and again got transferred to the return department. This time they were not closed but I was on hold again for another 25 more minutes. Finally spoke to someone and was told that the policy is 30 days from order and nothing she could do, I explained all the above and was then told that the return had to be done by January 15th. Now that date was never given to me before now. So here it is January 19th and even though I tried 2 weeks ago to return it multiple ways that didn't work I am being told that I can't return an item that I can't use because I was originally told by the customer service representative something that appears to be a lie.

I would ask you to do some research on this order and find out how poorly your customers are treated by your customer service department between the extremely long hold times and being transferred from one hold to another hold. Your order department was able to answer the phone within seconds and take my order, lie about the return, and take my money.

I am asking someone to look at order number 732772393 and my account and see when I added this computer to my account to determine the date I tried to return it to you is within the January 15th date and well within the 30 days from Christmas as i was told when I bought it and give me a return authorization.

I should not be stuck with a product that I was trying to return but was unable to because your customer service is terrible, your website doesn't allow it to be done as shown or even by online chat that doesn't work.

I would even be willing to pay a typical 10%restocking fee if I had to at this point so I don't have to waste another hour or two on hold.

By the way, I ended up being transferred again last time after 1:37 minutes on hold only to be disconnected.

Pathetic way to serve your customers.

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