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Update my order status or give me an order delay notice

Hello, my order status on my account page says pending. On order status page it says confirmed. I ordered on 4/23 with an estimated delivery of 5/28. It is late sunday 5/24. It says you are closed tomorrow 5/25. So I don't see how you are going to be able to get the package here around 5/28 if it is coming from another country. Who do I talk to get my order status updated or a delay notice? I tried calling customer care but the first time I spent around 45m before the call ended for some reason. I called a second time and waited 1 hour and a guy came on the line and said he would transfer me to the correct department. After another half hour, 1.5 hours total, a lady came on the line and said we are closed and hung up on me. I am unwilling to spend any more hours of my time on the phone for no reason. 

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Please, I'm begging you. I responded to your email yesterday. Please get back to me, thank you.


Thank you DELL-Cares, I received an email response. You gave me the status of one order with an order number that is not one of the order numbers I gave you. I have two orders, can you please check for me the orders with my order numbers please? I sent another email to DELL-Cares with my two order numbers again. Please check those two order numbers and thank you.


I looked up the order number of the order you gave me the status of, that is not something that I ordered nor have ordered in the past. You said the order with this order number not matching either of my orders was going to be delivered around 5/30. That order is for ROCCAT SUORA FX - RGB BLUE SWITCH that was ordered 4/28 and was delivered on 5/1. That was someone else's order. I did not order that. I have two orders, a monitor and a pc, with different order dates and order numbers. Please give me all the information you have on my orders, so that I don't feel like I have to email you again to make sure you know what you are doing, as I am losing my confidence in you. Again, please check the two orders with the order numbers I gave you again in the email I sent to DELL-Cares. Pretty please and thank you again.


If anyone reads this, I waited 5.5 weeks. The day before the estimated delivery date, they say it'll be another 5.5 weeks. So 11 weeks total. Why wait until the last day before to tell me that its going to take twice as long? How long have they known it was going to be delayed, without telling me? I guess I will cancel and order from Best Buy or something. 


I am getting really frustrated! I can't talk to anyone on the phone. I've spent like 6 hours trying to get someone on the line. You keep hanging up on me. Someone comes on the line after waiting 45m-1hour and says they are going to transfer me, then just hangs up on me, or someone comes on the line says you are closed and hangs up. The chat with someone on your website hasn't worked since I ordered for some reason. I want to talk with someone about my order. It had an estimated delivery date of tomorrow. After waiting 5.5 weeks, you wait till the last minute and tell me that it will be another 5.5 weeks. I just want to talk to someone about my order to see what the delay is about, in order to make up my mind whether or not to cancel. The DELL-Cares people say they don't deal with that and to call. Is there anyone who can help me or call me that works at Dell?!


Nevermind, I canceled my order.

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