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Upset. Why would you do this to me?

I placed an order on 6/5, and was given an estimated delivery date of 6/16.

I honestly would not be that upset if this were just a case of my order being delayed -- I could deal with that.

Today (6/12) I noticed that my order was still in preproduction, even though my estimated delivery date would be 6/16. So I emailed customer service, to find out if my order was going to be delayed.

I was told...
"I regret to inform you that the item has some configuration issues and being hold from manufacturing. If you would like to see for the alternative options available with Dell at this time you may also contact our order modification department, I would request you to contact our Order Modification Department at: 1-800-247-2076. They will be able to assist you further."

I called the number given, to find out if my order would be delayed or not. The first person took my info, and told me I would be on hold. I was on hold for 20 or 30 minutes, until I was hung up on.

I called back, and reached a different person. After giving this person my info, they put me on hold for 20 or so minutes. Once they were back, they told me that they didn't know why I needed to modify my order -- they called the manufacturer, and it looked as if it would be delivered on schedule, there were no issues with the order. But, he also said he would escalate the case with Customer Cares, just to make sure, and told me to call back in two hours.

I called back in two hours and was put on hold for 25 minutes. When the person came back, they said that they apologized for everything, that my laptop was definitely on schedule and without delay, but for my trouble they would upgrade my shipping to next day delivery, so that it would be delivered on monday, 6/15. Great! An hour to an hour and a half later out of my day, I have been told my laptop is definitely coming, and ahead of schedule.

I emailed the customer service person back (The first of 4 people i have talked to today) telling them the conclusion, and thanks for their help. They wrote back:

"Please note that if the modification department promised this order is good to go avoid the previous email, in Dell records it was showing a hold from OFS which is from the Back end. If they approved it will be delivered than please wait in order to receive this order and if you find any hassles feel free to reply to this email"

The order status page even had the updated estimated date of delivery, 6/15. VERIFIED CASE CLOSED.

After returning from a party, (where I told the stories of the hour and a half i spent on the phone today, and of the victorious conclusion), I checked my order status:

Estimated Delivery Date: 7/16/2015 (updated)

why. WHY. i would have been FINE if someone just told me straight away my shipment would be delayed. perhaps i would dust off an older laptop and use it temporarily for the month. whatever. but i spent one of the most frustrating hour and a half on the phone i can almost ever remember, to finally get some closure at the end, then BAM YOU HAVE JUST TAKEN IT AWAY FROM ME. 

what are you even doing? what kind of customer service is this for someone who just paid you $1400? can i get a STRAIGHT ANSWER as to when i may expect to receive my purchase?

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RE: Upset. Why would you do this to me? reply to my most recent email to customer support, and I can't happen to notice this thread is conspicuously the only thread from the weekend without a reply. I'm left in this limbo place where

A) I had Dell tell me clearly and definitively that my laptop would arrive today (I had them confirm this to me three times so there wouldn't be any confusion), and that I would get a tracking number. If it is arriving today, I need to work from home to be able to sign for the package.


B) 12 hours after I was told precisely that I would receive the laptop, on the Order Details page, my estimated delivery date was changed from 6/15 to 7/16. If 7/16 is the new delivery date, I may consider cancelling the order simply because of how frustrating and confusing my support experience has been trying to get *simple* information, and I ordered this because I wanted to be able to get a lot of work done.

I am not particularly interested in spending an hour and a half on the phone in several different phone calls to be assured of something that may or may not be true? I already did that on Friday.

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RE: Upset. Why would you do this to me?

Hi genemachine,

Thank you for posting your comments on the Dell Community Forum Customer Care Board. We appreciate anyone who will take the time to share their customer experience as feedback remains an important to in evaluating our products and services. 

Please accept my apology for any frustration or disappointment this order delay may have caused. Please understand that a system's shipping date, as provided by a Dell Sales or Customer Care Representative or on the Dell Web site, is an estimate only and is not guaranteed.  Usually, a system or product will ship on or before its estimated shipping date.  Occasionally, however, vendor-related issues may delay the manufacture and subsequent shipment of an order.  Please understand that in such situations, the assembly of your computer cannot be completed until the necessary parts have arrived at Dell. I apologize for any inconvenience this unforeseen delay may have caused. 

I am happy to look into this matter on your behalf. Please reply to my email and provide the requested information so I may access your account records. 


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