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Urgent, I need a new computer ASAP!

Refund Policy outside of 30 days discussion.

I bought a Dell Alienware M17 during winter break 2019.  It was not working properly upon receipt and I immediately contacted technical support.  I spent hours and hours and hours on the phone with them trying to resolve the issue.  I am working on my masters of architecture an my entire winter break was taken up with phone calls and online support trying to get my brand new computer working for the beginning of my second semester.  When I inquired about simply sending it back and ordering a new computer, they told me it was a software issue and an easy fix.  They offered to send someone out to the house to repair the issue.  They promised someone would come within a two days.

1 week later, someone came to the house to fix the computer.  By this point, I had already started school and desperately needed the computer.

After the fix, the computer still didn't work.  Now that school had started again, I didn't have the flexibility of spending the entire day on the phone while tech support tried to fix my computer remotely.  I was in class, in studio (architecture studio building models) and working.  I was able to call when I could and it took a long time, once again, to get some help.  Between being put on hold, trying to fix remotely, then finally agreeing to send someone yet again, I was assured that the computer could be easily fixed when the technician came out to me.  Once again, someone came to the house, did a fix and told me it was fine.

The problem still wasn't resolved.  The computer was still slow and glitchy.  Yet again, I tried calling, put on hold, transferred, put on hold, remote fix, can't do it, send someone?  This time, I asked if I could simply return the computer for a new one.  The answer, of course was no. Strict return policy of 30 days.

I tried calling again several times... then the computer completely died on me.  This time, again after hours of speaking with technical support, they told me it's a hard drive issue and I need a new hard drive. They apologized for the mistake but they said it's no problem, they can fix it.  I heard that already for over 2 months now.  They told me they will send me a box, I will have to pack it up and drop it off at FEDEX, all during a crisis of Coronovirus, a time when Miami Beach is completely shut down and I should absolutely not be going out in public. "Do not leave your house unless it is for groceries or to go to the pharmacy" is the order in Miami Beach.  Worst of all, I would be without my desperately needed computer during this time.

The other option is that I will need to wait for the order to be placed, the part to come in, the technician to come out and replace it but guess what, Miami Beach is shut down.  Will a technician come?  I don't know?  When will I find out?

So, we decided to work with Dell and offered to buy a new computer and pay, ourselves, for express shipping.  As soon as we have the computer, we would order a UPS or FEDEX pick up and send the other "new" computer back and accept a refund only when Dell receives the computer which has never worked properly since the day I received it.  I thought it was a kind a generous offer on our behalf.  We are truly trying to help out here and be cooperative.

Sadly, Dell refused this option saying they have their strict policy and that is that.  No matter that I am at risk of completely losing my entire semester credits,  that I have already lost all of my semester work on a computer that died after less than 2 months, that I cannot attend classes online (thank you virus, we are all online now) due to lack of computer, that I will be out thousands and thousands of dollars if I need to retake this semester.  Dell has simply refused any sort of help because of the "policy".  

Why, after tech support mis-diagnosed issues several time and made many mistakes in trying to fix my brand new computer would Dell not be supportive and try to replace something that is just not working properly.

Why, in the midst of an international crisis, when we are all trying to make the best of our lives, move on, help others, be a support, stay safe and healthy... why would Dell not find it in their hearts to be morally correct and bend a strict policy rule and help out a student who is doing his best to stay in school, work hard and graduate on time despite the challenges of being locked at home, unable to leave for the safety and health of his city and community, being forced to finish his semester online with online classes and all projects on the computer...  why would Dell not simply say "Hey, we understand and yes, we will allow you to return this faulty computer for a new one so that you can finish your semester and not be set back a semester and not be set back thousands and thousands of dollars that you might lose if you need to retake this semester due to the fact that our technicians made a huge mistake.  We are Dell and we are a good company!!!"

So I implore you, please, please please help me out s quickly as you can.  Find it in your hearts, and help me obtain a new computer within a few days so that I can get on with my life, my studies and I will forever be indebted to Dell.