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Venue 11 Pro, extra AC adapter?

So I was just looking to SIMPLY find an extra AC adapter for my recently purchased Venue 11 Pro and add that to my accessory purchase list.

1. Upon exhaustive search Dell.com didn't list the specific model number of my tablet compatible with ANY power cord

2. When I went to the product support section and downloaded the app to detect me specific device, it STILL DID NOT list the power adapter anywhere. Only listed replacement battery.

3. When I clicked on the support chat link the person took FOREVER and wasn't paying attention. They are probably required to be on 2-3 chats at any given time these days. Then  this person proceeded to take 10 minutes asking me the SAME EXACT questions I HAD ALREADY ANSWERED when filling out the lengthy chat form!

4. After all that the product person sort of rudely stated that because I had no issues I needed to contact sales- MY ISSUE WAS THAT IT WASN'T FOUND ANYWHERE ON THE WEBSITE and I just wanted a link to the PART!

5. I called the Sales number that person gave me and waited over 10 minutes before IT CUT ME OFF.

6. I call back and get transferred (via an operator who was asking the same redundant questions I had JUST ANSWERED) to get me in touch with someone.

7. That sales person I was transferred to said she would transfer me to a "special tablet team member" (????)

8. When she transferred me I waited another ten minutes before THE LINE CUT OFF AGAIN!

9. Did I happen to mention that I had ALSO started about 3-4 chats that terminated AFTER I gave my number and no one ever bothered to contact me back?

10. So I get back on chat with someone and he is (finally) nice. However he cannot really find the right product event when I ask him if the part number I found was correct!

11. He says the most he can offer me (mind you this has taken now at least 6 HOURS of my day) for my troubles was $10 but says it can NOT be applied to my business account cart??

12. Dell sends me THE WRONG ADAPTER – a 10 Watt adapter. I only discover this after 2-3 HOURS of more troubleshooting and waiting..

This is BEYOND ridiculous! 

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Contact Dell using this link.

This will escalate the issue and you should hear back from Dell within  3 business days.  I hope this helps get the right adapter.



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I agree. A horrible experience. Here are the Dell part numbers =
4H6NV AC Adapter 45w, 3-Pin (Uses 2JVNJ Straight Power Cord)
8N3XW AC Adapter 30w, 3-Pin (Uses 2JVNJ Straight Power Cord)
HCDWK AC Adapter 30w, 3-Pin (Uses 2JVNJ Straight Power Cord)

2JVNJ E5 Series C5 Straight Power Cord, 125V, 1M/3Ft, 3-Pin

Call Dell Spare Parts 1-800-357-3355 and ask for prices and availability. Or simply search the web for the part numbers.

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