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Very Frustrated with lack of customer service

I called Dell Support a month ago about my new laptop which seemed to have no software installed for its web cam. I had just turned it on for the first time that day and was setting it up. While on the call with the Dell representative (which was nearly 2 hours long) I noticed that the computer's battery was discharging while it was plugged in. The power cord was not supplying power. I tried using different outlets but had no other power cord the same size to see if it was the cord or the computer. While trying to take care of the web cam problem the computer died from lack of battery power. The representative said he would send a power cord and an email to me. Apparently the email address was misheard and I never received the email. I got a phone message from the rep asking me to reply to the email I never received, I called and talked to someone else and got the email. I was waiting for the power cord because the email was asking if the web cam problem was corrected. If I have no power, I can not tell. A week and a half goes by, no cord. I email to ask where the cord is. They apologize for the inconvenience and say they'll send it. Still no cord. I emailed yesterday after a month of waiting and get an email back that says they're waiting to hear if the web cam is fixed before they send the cord!!!!! After a strongly worded reply about being appalled that they don't understand that I need the cord first, I get an email that apologizes for the "unconvinced" and that they will look into it. I heard that you l moved your support to India and that it was bad, but I suggest you move it back to the US before you lose all your US customers! If you have so little quality control with your support, how can we tell you have any quality control with your product.

The above was a Facebook post because I felt I could perhaps get a better response through social media. I got a request to privately send my service tag # and this was the response I received:

Hi Valerie, Thanks for the details, I see that our tech support has sent multiple emails to you and awaiting your response. Please check your inbox and reply to the email and be rest assured that we will keep a tab on the case. -Naveen K. (I truncated the last name for privacy.)

I have been responding to the emails so I don't understand this response.

All I need is a power cord, which was promised over a month ago! Of course, if that doesn't power the computer, I will want to return the entire machine for a refund, because to buy a computer and have 2 major problems off the bat and have such an insane runaround with customer service, is not instilling any confidence in your product. Please just send me a replacement cord. Please.

This is not a tech issue at this point. It is a simple customer service issue. Please resolve it.

My service request reference number is  ADMIN NOTE:< reference number and Service tag # removed per privacy policy>


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RE: Very Frustrated with lack of customer service

Hi Valerie,

Thank you for posting your comments on the Dell Community Forum Customer Care Board. We appreciate anyone who takes the time to relate their customer experience, as feedback provides an opportunity to evaluate our products and services. Please accept my apology for any frustration or inconvenience you may have encountered while trying to resolve your technical difficulties.

This will advise I placed notes in your account records and sent an email to the technicians manager regarding the AC Adapter needing to be dispatched so you can determine if the Webcam download was successful. I’ll follow your case until the AC adapter has been dispatched.

Thank you for your patience. Please reply to my email if you need any further assistance in this matter.



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