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Very bad experience regarding dell and its support

I recently purchased a dell xps 15. It seems like a great product so I didn't find it a problem having to wait 10 days for it to be delivered. After 10 days of waiting the laptop came in dead on arival. I was on the phone with the technical support for about a Total of 7 hours but they couldn't do Anything for me after concluding that it was a hardware problem. I asked them if they could replace the machine but there was nothing they could do except offering me a refund so that I had to order a new one myself. In the end I agreed, shipped my old one back to dell and ordered a new one myself which would have arived yesterday but never came. I decided to take a look at the tracker I got send through mail but it appears the device has not even be sent yet. Yet again I was on the phone with customer service for another 30 minutes and yet again I could not be helped. The only thing he could do was offer me a refund but insisted I waited a bit longer. At this point I'm pretty fed up that the only service I can get out all of customer care is a refund. I order a pc for nearly 2000 euro's and after a month of waiting and hours of conversating with the "world class" customer support of dell I have yet to receive a working pc. This whole experience has left me with an extremely bad taste regarding the brand and I am seriously considering if I should let the order go through and if I should even order a dell product ever again. 

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Re: Very bad experience regarding dell and its support

Thank you for your message. I apologize for the inconvenience you had to go through surrounding your order.

There could be multiple reasons that an order cannot be fulfilled, there could be part backlog & we may not have ETA on the availability of the parts for that model.

I will look into this and check the reason on the cancellation.

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