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Very bad purchase and horrible customer service experience

I purchased a laptop and then price of the same laptop decreased by more than $100 than I purchased in less than a week. I contacted the customer service for price match guarantee. They agreed for the reduced price but said can offer only $50. When I got back to them after few days, they mentioned that it is more than 30 days and hence cannot honor the $50 refund offer either. All we would end up is lose hours and hours talking with people out of country who are least bothered about supporting customers. The last thing they want to do is support customers. I have been purchasing laptops for the past 10-12 years at dell but never had this kind of experience. Horrible experience overall. This will be my last purchase in Dell.

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Re: Very bad purchase and horrible customer service experience

Thank you for your message. As per the records, I see that you had reached out to the customer service team for a refund initially, this was when the system was within the return period.


A return was initiated but you did not ship the system & the refund was canceled.


You reached out after a month & asked for a refund & the same was declined as the system was beyond return period. 


The price match you had shared is on a “deal” & we do not do price matching on deals. You can read price match FAQ here.


The price match shared was on an expired page which again is not valid.


I am afraid, our options on this will be limited.



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