Waiting over A MONTH for a shipment.

Short story over a very long period of time:

On June 23rd 2017 I ordered a graphics card from Dell.com. When I placed the order, chose the cheapest shipping, which said my package would arrive in 5-8 business days, which I cool with.

About a week later, I checked online, and it said that the Estimated Delivery date was July 24th, A FULL MONTH and a day after I placed my order. 

Now disclaimer, the item I bought was a very good price, and I wasn't in much of a hurry, and being a poor college student, I didn't care too much.

It comes around to July 20th, and I check online again, and my package hasn't even shipped! So I thought this was getting a little outrageous... They couldn't even meet the date that was a full month after I ordered? So I contacted Dell.com about the issue and the representative said that the most they could offer was a $50 coupon. Why would I want that?? So I can wait 1/11th of a year for something to arrive again?? No thank you. It is now August 2, and it still has not shipped!

I leave for college soon, never thought I would be worried about it being delivered before I left when I placed my order in JUNE.

I'm going to cancel my order and just pay significantly more money somewhere else because at this point I don't think they're ever going to ship it.

-A Lost Customer. 

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RE: Waiting over A MONTH for a shipment.

Your card was probably back ordered which is why it was estimating the delivery so long.  If its a popular item, depending on their vendors, it could be sooner or later and the delivery time is just an estimate.  

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RE: Waiting over A MONTH for a shipment.

I absolutely feel the same way, I have ordered a graphics card and paid for the fastest shipping available because I leave for camp in a week and wanted to get it before. I didn't leave for camp for 3 days because I was worried my item would arrive and now I just got back from camp only to see it hadn't even shipped! I ordered it near the end of October and now I have to wait til December 12th! The fastest shipping is going to take over a month! It's hard not to throw vulgar insults when I feel cheated out of my money. At first I thought it might have been a mistake and decided to chat with support. I simply asked if it was a mistake and they answered that it was in production... So WHY was it available for PURCHASE!  He apologized and was going to request my item be expidited, I was eager to agree. It's been more than a couple of days and it's all the same. I'm thinking of cancelling and ordering elsewhere.

On behalf of all dell customers I'm sorry you went through that, for what it's worth.

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