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Warning. Never refuse package even if dell tells you too.

Ok so the day after I placed an order at dell I wanted to cancel it. Obviously with there poor customer support I could not. They told me they would have the package redirected back to dell after it shipped. That did not happen. No surprize there. I was then told to refuse the package. Well the package is still here locally after 4 days and not shipped back. So now my refund will end up so late that I will have to pay my credit card bill when it arrives and then have a very large credit on my card. 

Just so everyone knows. Never ever refuse a package. Always accept it and get dell to pay for return shipping. 

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Re: Warning. Never refuse package even if dell tells you too.

Thank you for your message. I apologize for the inconvenience surrounding your refund.


Ideally, the refund will be initiated in 10-12 days once the order is back at Dell.


If you need any assistance in tracking the return or refund, please private message me the order/ customer number, registered name & email address.



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